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EOTech 512 Review

The EOTech 512 proves itself to be a excellent workhorse holographic sight that won’t break the bank. Read the full review for more.

Holographic Weapon Sights in Sporting Use

After several notable shooters won major competitions with the aid of holographic sights, they quickly gained popularity in the world of sports shooting.

TRUGLO Tru-Brite Review

Our reviewer takes a gamble on a budget holographic sight and is pleasantly surprised. The TRUGLO Tru-Brite is comparable to sights costing five times as much, making it one of the best kept secrets in the shooting world.

Burris FastFire Review

The Burris FastFire is an great choice for shooters who want a dependable, fully featured holographic sight that doesn’t cost as much as some of the fancier, military-grade sights on the market.

EOTech 552 Review

Favored by the U.S. military, the EOTech 552 is rugged, dependable, and accurate. Considered by many shooters to be the gold standard by which all other holographic sights should be judged, the 552 is deserves serious consideration by anybody who won’t settle for less than the best.

EOTech XPS2 Review

EOTech’s XPS2 holographic sight delivers a compact design that doesn’t sacrifice performance or features. Read our full review for more.

Trijicon RMR Review

While not the cheapest holographic sight on the market, the RM07 from Trijicon is tough as nails and deadly accurate. Read the full review for more.

Holographic Sights in Law Enforcement and the Military

Holographic weapon sights were initially use within the hunting and sporting world. However, as firearms instructors began to realize the benefits of holographic sights in combat, they quickly gained popularity in for use in law enforcement and military fields.

Trijicon Holographic Sights

While Trijicon is less well known for their holographic sights than companies like EOTech, their early innovations helped lay the groundwork for many modern holographic weapon sights. Recently, products like the small, lightweight RMR have proven that Trjicon is still breaking ground in the world of high quality shooting optics.

Holographic Sights on Defensive Handguns

Holographic sights were adopted for sport shooting and hunting very early on, but it would take time before the technology became small and light enough to be practical for personal defense and combat. However, products like Trijicon’s RMR have proven that holographic sights have a true home on defensive weapons.

Holographic Sight Introduction

While holographic sights are a relatively recent innovation, they have revolutionized the shooting world. Start here to learn how holographic sights work and how they can help you become a better shooter.